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ZABICOM -"Intellectual" Distributed/Centralizet Monitoring OSS for ICT Systems

NTT Com Solutions Corporation is the ZABBIX SIA's Official Premium Partner.


ZABICOM (ZABBIX) : Intellectual and Aesthetic Innovation in Network Operations

*ZABICOM is the trademark of ZABBIX within Japan. Trademark rights belong to ZABBIX SIA, Latvia.

Installation Case Studies/Installation Results


  • ZABICOM provides a server management and monitoring solution in an all-in-one package.
  • A cost-efficient open source solution plus full support service.

ZABICOM (ZABBIX) delivers every function you will need for system operation and management as an all-in-one package, from monitoring settings and alert displays to graphical analysis reports. Its scalable architecture covers monitoring and management for both small and large systems. This Web-based open source NMS offers easy-to-use operations.

How Was ZABICOM Born?

Features of ZABICOM (ZABBIX)

Utilization of System Administrator's Knowledge

Diagnostic logic, gained through experience by system administrators is a crucial asset in system administration.
Such administrator's knowledge and experience specific to particular systems can be embedded as logic into ZABICOM. Inheriting valuable knowledge improves the quality of system administration and enhances administration techniques.

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Sophisticated Monitoring GUI

ZABICOM presents up-to-date monitoring data as sophisticated graphics making the most of its Web-based architecture. In addition to displays of the entire system operations, customized display settings can also be added. Monitoring screens with sophisticated graphics provide easy-to-understand and stress-free operations.

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Short and Long-Term Cost Reduction

ZABICOM (ZABBIX) 's open source structure reduces initial costs, and its benefits as an advanced monitoring solution in an all-in-one package brings significant cost reductions in long-term operations.

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From ZABICOM (ZABBIX) Installation to System Operation

NTT Com Solutions Corporation Gives Full Support for Every Stage of ZABICOM (ZABBIX) Operations - From Initial Consultation, Installation, to System Operation

Image of ZABICOM (ZABBIX) System Configuration

Installation Case Studies/Installation Results